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  • Switchboard: 876 978-9161
  • Studio Line: 876 978-7388

Lovern Mclean the vivacious lady who holds it down inside Crusin’ Kool Mondays 5pm – 9pm, inside Kool Thursday Vibes 5pm - 9pm and inside Jus’ Koolin’ Sundays 10am –  1pm

Q. What is your Birth Sign?
A. Taurus

Q. What is your Favorite Colour?
A. Earth Colours

Q. What is your Favorite Food?
A. Anything sea food

Q. How did you decide to become a DJ?
A. It just happened. I was working at Digicel, then I went home because of a family emergency and I was at home and a friend called me and told me about the opening and I applied and here I am today

Q. What do you like best about this Industry?
A. I like being on radio I like to know I can do a lot for people, it gives you a good feeling when they call in sending out a greeting or a dedication. You just feel wonderful inside that you can deliver that job effectively

Q. Do you have a favourite Genre or Genres of music?
A. I like everything

Q. What motivates you to do what you do?
A. The love for it

Q. Outside of being a DJ what else do you find interesting?
A. I like a wide variety of things; it just depends on my mood



Kool Thursday Vibe


Jus Koolin


Crusin Kool