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Sister Mary Ignatius Davies - Mother of Jamaican Music

Without the life of Sister Ignatius, Jamaican music wouldn't be the same. In fact, it is arguable that without Sister Iggy, as she was affectionately known by her students, reggae, rocksteady, even ska may not have seen its genesis through the horns and drums of the boys in her care. The music world owes a great debt to Sister Mary Ignatius Davies—...
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Hortense Ellis - Jamaica's “First Lady of Song"

Born in that celebrated seedbed of talent called Trench Town on April 18, 1941, Hortense Mahalia Ellis blossomed into a highly regarded vocalist. Her potential as such was apparent from an early age, and she often participated in school and community concerts. But, by the late 1950s, it was time to showcase her voice on a grander stage. Brother Alt...
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Bob Marley’s Enduring Legacy

This year, the 76th anniversary of his birth, marks forty years since Bob Marley's passing and yet he remains the King of Reggae, the face of Jamaica and one of the most revered artistes in the world.It is not by chance that this artiste continues to set the bar for the success of Reggae in the world.Robert Nesta Marley, Jamaican African Rastaman w...
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Reflecting on The Burning Spear

 One of the most brilliant and well-respected Reggae heavyweights in Jamaican history is Burning Spear, born Winston Rodney on March 1, 1945. He's been a stalwart of Reggae music since the 1970s. Part preacher, part Black historian, Spear was an early proponent of Marcus Garvey, having shared the same birthplace as the national hero – St. Ann'...
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New Year Preements

Sooooo 2020, in all its 'covidity', is ending. We are beginning a new year, which for many of us means, resolution time. "New tings, I'm going to sort out my life." While many of us say that some other people wax bitter and salty, you know criticizing and judging: "Oh yea, here they come again with their new year's resolutions and their vision boar...
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 This time of the year we often get consumed with buying the best gifts and wrapping them beautifully, decorating our homes, baking treats and planning parties. Giving gifts is special during Christmas and what better way to treat your loved ones but with homemade gifts made with love? These are some of my favourite gift to make and over the y...
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Millicent "Patsy" Todd

One of Jamaica's prolific hit-makers of the 1960's was Millicent Todd, more popularly known as Patsy. Born in 1944, Todd was raised in the Fletcher's Land community of West Kingston, and attended the nearby All Saints school. On realizing she could sing, her mother informed popular singer Derrick Morgan of her talent. Millicent was 15 when Morgan f...
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Jamaica’s Influence on Sweet Soul

Soul music happens to be a very important category of Black Music, and music in general. The category defined as Soul has an amazing history; first identified and named in the 1950s as a sub-genre of Rhythm and Blues because of its roots in Gospel. Fast forward to the mid-1960s, the term Soul had become nationally accepted across the USA - with the...
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Chronixx Chronology: Over the Years

"Chronology", the album has coincidentally aged well with time, all puns intended. From the album release being accepted by worldwide critical acclaim to a Grammy nomination… It has been a journey in time! When the album first popped on the scene, it was an epic imagery of Jamaica's rich culture bursting with colour in front of our faces. It was no...
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Sonia “Miss P” Pottinger

sonia miss p pottinger
 In the mid-1960s, St. Thomas native Sonia Pottinger entered the male dominated world of record producing. Sonia had already been exposed to the business, as she was the wife of record producer and Tip Top Record Shop owner, Lindon Pottinger. Lindon had produced hit songs such as "My Happy Home" by Roy and Patsy, and "Bewildered" by Jimmy Jame...
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