Show Hosts

Show Hosts

Dj Dre

Dj Dre brightens up early morning radio inside Mellow Mornings 5am - 9am Monday and Wednesday and also Singles Live Thursday nights 9pm - 12 Midnight.

Norman Marsh

Norman Marsh brings a ‘new take’ on the music you know and love, its late night music played just right inside “Windmills” Mondays at 9p.m - 5a.m and “Rewind” Thursdays at 12 Midnight - 5a.m

Sabrina Neil

Sabrina Neil, vibrant life loving host that adds the drive in 'Kool overdrive' Saturdays 1pm to 5pm.

Rosamond Brown

Rosamond 'Roz' Brown is the original 'essence of Kool' who was instrumental is setting up KOOL FM in 2001. After a brief hiatus, she is back where she belongs, giving us Kool Meditations, Sundays 6am - 10am and Power Thoughts weekdays at 5:30pm.

Ann Jeffrey

Ann Jeffrey spices things up Tuesdays inside Rhapsody 5p.m-9p.m, Wednesdays inside Kool Odyssey 5p.m-9p.m and Thursdays inside Kool Rhythms 5p.m-9p.m , Fridays inside Single in the City 9p.m-11:30p.m and on Saturdays inside Kool House Party 5-9 pm respectively

Lovern Mclean

Lovern Mclean the vivacious lady who holds it down inside Crusin’ Kool Mondays 5p.m – 9p.m,inside Kool Thursday Vibes 5p.m - 9p.m and inside Jus’ Koolin’ Sundays 10a.m –  1p.m

Dianne Thomas

Dianne is helping to bring the energetic kick to Mellow Morning on Weekdays and Musical Rapture on Saturdays.

DJ Edson

Edson ‘Whoop Whoop’ Johnson is the late night music man who takes you to bed rock and pillow jam who knows how to make you party late with no regrets on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday inside Kool Moods. 9p.m - 12 Midnight and Kool Alternatives Last Saturdays with Lady Roxene.

Joy Kelly

Joy Kelly is the soothing voice. Catch her everyday inside Kool Tones 9a.m – 1p.m

MixMaster Marvin

Dj Mixmaster Marvin brings his expert mixing on Mondays Kool Rhythms 1pm - 5pm and Fridays during Kool Tones 9am – 1pm

Robert Blake

Robert Blake is the soulful half of Rhapsody - Tuesdays 5pm to 9pm

Peter Philips

Peter Phillips is the spicy half of the Peter Phillips - Robert Blake duo on Rhapsody Tuesdays 5pm – 9pm

Mikey T

Mikey T is the smooth morning man on Mellow Mornings, Monday to Thursday 5am-9am and the Sunday afternoon sensation 1pm – 5pm bringing back the Kool Memories.

Michael Barnett

Michael Barnett is our own music maestro. He brings the flavor on a Thursday inside Kool Thursday Vibes 5pm - 9pm and the Mellow Moods to Mellow Mornings on a Friday 5am – 9am. Then on a Sunday 5pm – 9pm it’s Kool Vintage Vibes.

Krazy Kris

Krazy Kris ignites your mood Mondays and Wednesdays 1pm - 5pm inside Kool Rhythms then rev things up on Fridays 5pm - 9pm inside Kool Mix and on Saturdays 1pm - 5pm he takes you on a musical journey inside Kool Overdrive.

Stokey Love

Stokey Love knows how to do big things around Kool. Tune into his programmes Crusin’ Kool, Mondays 5pm – 9pm, he takes us back in time on Thursdays 1pm – 5pm on Kool Rhythms, Musical Rapture Saturdays 9am – 1pm and Jus’ Koolin’ Sundays 10am– 1pm

Richie Clarke

Richie Clarke the on call DJ who fits in at any time, his collection is large and just right

Craig Ross

Craig Ross is the Young Lion playing the music you love and introducing you to music of every era and genre inside Kool Tones Tuesdays to Thursdays 9am - 1pm.Then he switches things up on Fridays inside Kool Rhythms 1pm - 5pm giving you a feel of everything

Ivor Smith

Ivor Smith is The Entertainer inside Kool Odyssey Wednesdays 5pm – 9pm and Kool House Party Saturdays 5pm - 9pm.

Roxenne Nickle

Roxene Nickle wakes you up Saturdays 5am – 9am inside Kool Alternatives and cools you down on Sundays 5pm- 9pm inside Kool Vintage Vibes.

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